Make sure to whitelist the following email addresses in your email account:

Here are the directions on how to whitelist using your email account.

If you have already tried this and you still cannot get our emails, it is possible that you are on our mailing list servers "blacklist".  (This would happen if you unsubscribed from any of our emails at any time.)

Here's what you must do to re-instate your email address:

1. Send an email to
2. Write them this message in the email:

My email is (insert your email address here). I wish to be removed from the account blacklist for (
Thank you,
Your Name

3. Within about 24 hours they will get back to you and remove you from the blacklist.  As soon as they do, you will need to email us and let us know you want back on our mailing list or member list.

I hope that helps.  Good luck.