In short... no.

Piracy and theft of Intellectual Property has become the number one enemy of small magic companies.

If we release a video as a download, we can expect it to appear on rip-off sites, torrent sites, and just about everywhere for free within about 48 hours.  That's why we don't do it any longer.


Rest assured, once you purchase your digital products from us, they will always be yours.  You will always have access to login and stream your product anytime you want.

Much like Amazon or Netflix, your videos on Conjuror Community are available to watch 24/7 via your member's portal or the "Digital Products" page in the CC Magic Shop.  Just like Amazon or Netflix, we secure the videos that you purchase by only allowing you to view them once you log in. 


We use the fastest CloudFront streaming technology available today.  That means the videos will play from any device to ensure the best streaming rate and speeds.