Video freezes, stops, or won't play. | Conjuror Community

Video freezes, stops, or won't play.

If you have any of these problems while watching videos:

  • The video freezes
  • The video has lines in it
  • The video shakes
  • The video gets stuck
  • The audio does not sync up with the video
  • The video takes too long to play

Switch to another browser and try.  (There are known issues with the Firefox browser) If this still happens with another browser, this points to your connection speed.

Most playback issues are caused by your internet connection speed.  Check your internet speed here.

If your download speed is under 10mbps AND you are having playback issues, then you need to contact your ISP (Internet Provider) and ask them to increase your download speed.

Other issues may be caused by Flash Player.  You will need to have the latest version of Flash. 

Navigate to the following page:

Update your Flash player and then restart the computer. .. and then try to play the video again.

If none of this solves your issues, please email our support team.


Safari Users, see this video:


Firefox Users Watch this video: