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Switching Your Payment over to Paypal.

For Conjuror Community Members:

If you would like to use Paypal for your Conjuror.Community membership, you can by following this guide:

For Existing Members: Easy Guide

If you would like to switch your payment, from an existing credit card over to Paypal, this process is very easy.

1. You must first be logged into Conjuror.Community. You can log in here.

2. Click this link to go to the Paypal Payment Update Page.

3. Follow the instructions on that page to complete the switch.

If you have any problems with this process, please contact support and we will help.

Additional Information

You can access the Paypal Payment Update Page by clicking the "My Account" link at the bottom of almost every page inside CC. (See Pic)


There is also a link on your main member page. (See Pic)


Once you click "My Account" you will go to this page: (See Pic)

Click the link that says "Switch Your Payment to Paypal"

That will take you to the correct page.