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General Video Issues?

For 95% of our members, our videos will play perfectly on desktop, Ipad, and mobile phones (both Android and Iphone)  You should not have any problems watching any videos.

We have invested in a state of the art video platform (Amazon Cloudfront) to stream videos to over 50 servers all over the world.

In the rare case that you are having an issue with a video freezing, blurring, stopping, jerking, or syncing issues, the issue could be caused by two things.

Your Browser or Your Internet Speed

If your playback has been normal up to now and the issue just started, this could point to a server lapse from Amazon.  Simply refresh the page and the video should correct itself.

Other issues may be caused by Flash Player.  You will need to have the latest version of Flash. 

Navigate to the following page:

Update your Flash player and then restart the computer. .. and then try to play the video again.


If you just joined and are noticing video issues for the first time, please follow the following:

Most playback issues are caused by your internet connection.  Check your internet speed here.

If your download speed is under 10mbps AND you are having playback issues, then you need to contact your ISP (Internet Provider) and ask them to increase your download speed.

Also, switch to another browser and see if the video plays.  If none of this helps, please send us an email.